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AEROHIVE NETWORKS                                          SUNNYVALE, CA

Purpose of Link:  Aerohive Networks in Sunnyvale, CA is growing.  Good thing the building next door was available for lease.  Only problem was a fiber optic connection was not an option.  At least…not at a price or timeframe that Aerohive wanted to pay.  Sound familiar? 
With ‘wireless’ in their bloodlines, Aerohive knew a qualified partner when they saw one and turned to BluTec Systems for an OUTDOOR point-to-point connection that could handle their growing bandwidth.  Ever since the Trimble PX-P0400E1000 was installed by a SSSi certified technician, all systems are a go. 
Frustrated by the costs or timelines that your local ISP or phone company will charge for a gigabit connection?  That’s what we are here for.  Get a QuickQuote now. 
Distance:  50 Meters
Speed:  1.0 Gbps Full-Duplex