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SILVER STATE HELICOPTERS                                 LAS VEGAS, NV

Purpose of Link:  Silver State Helicopters in Las Vegas, NV needed to connect their data network in Bldg. 570 to their expanded space in Bldg. 580.  Only 20 meters separated them…along with newly poured asphalt and tarmac.  Since digging up the ground wasn’t an option with their landlord, they contacted BluTec Systems for a recommendation.  
Deciding to install a Trimble PX-P0200E1000TP provided just the right ‘fast pipe’…without disruption to earth, infrastructure or tenant neighbors.  
20 meters of tarmac a problem limiting your network connections between buildings?  No problem.  We are here for you.  Get a QuickQuote today. 
Distance:  20 Meters
Speed:  1.0 Gbps Full Duplex